About Me

Hello, my name is Max Rayner. I taught secondary school Geography for five years in the state and private sector. I left the profession in 2015 to study for an MSc in the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at the University of Leicester. I currently work as a research assistant within the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research at the University of Leicester

In October 2017 I will begin my PhD. My project is titled ‘Earth Observation and Ecosystem Services in the Welland River catchment’, reflecting my interests in the areas of ecological conservation and restoration and the geographical analysis of ecosystem services to support policy and decision making. I will be using state of the art data from the newly launched Sentinel-2 satellite to carry out fine scale analyses of a suite of ecosystem services within the Welland River catchment. I will also be modelling future scenarios of land cover for the catchment and assessing the trade-offs and synergies of ecosystem services that come about from various land management decisions.

I am also a keen birder, interested in avian interactions with changing landscapes, and a trainee member of Stanford Ringing Group.